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Sil Suit, Final Report

Sil suit was interesting. Fun. nerve wracking. It was interesting to work out a ‘space suit’ that might work. Better yet to see that you don’t need an entire military complex to build one. Our research took more time than the actual construction. It was amazing how much work was done by groups not normally associated with space.

The other thing that stood out was how siloed the process can become. Many of our solutions came from looking at areas which had nothing to do with space suits originally. Yet when we dug deep into the original resources and developers, we found some of the same resources being quoted. Shomehow inbetween conception and production, those links were lost.

Our final report that can be given to the general public can be found here

Sil Suit!

After a disappointing effort to gain funding for Issyroo Farm research, we have received a contract from Luna Desic to make a customized space suit. We are working off of their initial design and going from there.

Due to various ITAR regulations, we will not be able to post a report until the end.