Over the last 28 years, Ahead Research has dealt with a lot of change. Aerospace, technology, computer science and education have all factored into this evolution. Now it’s time for change once more.

Ahead Research, formerly Ahead Research Corporation (ARC), and before that, Ahead Research Inc. (ARI), has been doing business since 1988. As a company ARC worked without a major corporate headquarters. The ultimate work from home scenario. Development took place in a lab, not in an office building. In most cases we leased space from our employees. Home offices and telecommuting improved morale, added to their salaries and eliminated commute times. The latest in VPN’s and virtual PBX systems allowed ARC to do this in a concise manner. Our physical labs in Colorado provided the epicenter for this system. The security system developed over the years and in concert with  Lobo Savvy Technologies, LLC, a local Colorado company has benefited the company and has since been Open Sourced.

For further information on our evolution, check out Aerospace Maker.

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