Mach 30

Have you ever wanted to be part of NASA? Venture out into space like the characters in a Heinlein novel, or boldy go where everyone has dreamed of? While the average individual dreams, there are those who are working to do just that. Private space came bursting out into the world with Space X and Virgin Galactic. 2012 saw massive steps forward in the realm of private industry space development. For many though, even that is just beyond the reach of their fingertips.

It doesn’t need to remain so. For every Hacker, Maker, space enthusiast, there is another choice. Mach 30. They are a group of individuals who believe in Open Source Space Flight.  That like minded individuals can and should work together to achieve man’s dream to be in space.

Their work is based on the Open Source principle. This is the idea that information should be available to everyone. This allows for peer review and improvements that just do not happen under the secrecy of the closed sourced mentality. A number of companies operate under the open source philosophy. Ubuntu, and Linux are two computer examples. Check out the Mach 30 website and see what is happening.

Mach 30 is an 501c3 public charity. If you’d like to be a part of Mach 30 and donate towards the dream of Open Source Spaceflight, check out the Catalyst Club. Or, if you have a project, an idea or just want to see what other people are doing, browse the Open Design Engine. (ODE)

Get involved. See what is possible and not just a dream. Better yet, make those dreams real.

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